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The Toughest Brand Name in Clippers.

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We are proud to offer our Mammoth Combs that can be used on all standard snap on blades. MADE IN USA. They are the perfect companion to every clipper. Our exclusive Mammoth Combs help cut down on scissoring and are great for long hair. Try them on our iVAC Clipper and you’ll be in love. Get one free with every Laube clipper kit you buy. Or available for purchase in a set of 8 different sizes 1” to 6” long! WOW! No other combs like these in the world. Patented.

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Visit the Only Official Authorized Asian Distributor of Laube brand, Kelco brand, Wild Animal brand, & Nature’s Choice brand products.

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Official website for Laube Brand. For over 40 years we’ve been the leaders in PROFESSIONAL grooming products. Laube brand proudly manufactures and assembles products in the USA so you know our products are superior quality. We are real people making real products.

Laube brand is the innovator of high-tech corded/cordless clippers, trimmers, accessories, and grooming tools. We care about you as our customers, you are the voice we listen to to constantly keep our brands way above the rest.

Browse around our website to find the perfect products for you. We encourage you to shop and you’ll find without a doubt our clippers, shampoos, and everything else we make are truly the very BEST in the world!
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“Finally clippers that’ll revolutionize the industry & make grooming your horse clean, smooth & easy!”
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by Kristen Fulton
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Try our Liquid DeShed Shampoo. 6-EZ Steps.

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